Magazines & Books

With a wide customer base, which includes an array of retail locations as well as office deliveries, Andrew Distribution offers a variety of services to meet the needs of the community.

Retail Stores
Currently serving hundreds of retail stores including: grocery stores, convenience and department stores, gas stations, gift and lobby shops, drug and bookstores, we also specialise in the hospital gift shops, we offer many out-of-town newspapers to choose from, a full line of magazines and the top 20 book titles.

Office Delivery 
Andrew Distribution currently services offices, both small and large, with newspaper and magazine delivery. You select the newspapers and magazine titles, and there are hundreds to choose from, and we deliver them directly to your office. This saves you the hassle of dealing with subscription services.

Personal Contact
At Andrew Distribution there are no automated phone systems, which means you can pick up the phone anytime during our business hours and talk to a person who will help you with your periodical needs.

Additional Copies
All it takes is a phone call to get additional copies (newspaper or magazines) delivered to you the same or next day for those editions that go right off the shelf.

Who knows best what titles would work best for your location but you? We will supply titles and draws upon your request, unlike other distributors that simply want to fill your racks with product either not needed or send too many copies that you may not have the space to accommodate.

Return Credits
One week turn around on your return credits.  With other distributors, you may wait several weeks or even a month to receive your credit off your statement. We issue credit within a week,

Draw Changes
We proactively review retail accounts and make draw adjustments that will help increase your bottom line. In addition, you can also call in changes you feel necessary.

Product is delivered by Andrew Distribution and picked up by Andrew Distribution weekly, no mailing of product back and forth within our vast delivery area.
Magazines Sales Reports
Click here to view nationwide sales reports. This report is only offered to our partners.